Casette di Calzata

EV charging station available

We have now a EV charging station on site. This station is a standard household 11 KW charger and is shared between all guests and needs some planning. So please check at the reception for the time the charger shall be made available for you.Fee for using it are (for a full charge or partially for partial charges)up to 49 KW battery capacity 5 Euros and50 kw and above 10 Eurosto be paid in cash or credit card.

News of season 2024

Casette di Calzata has a new owner We are Andreas Lehmann and Frank Petereins, two german guys starting a new endavour in Sicily.In our vacation property we want to offer a attractive location for your holiday, a little village of apartments embedded apartments in an olive grove with a lot of greens, blooming flowers, exotical fruit trees and nice pool area.

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